It's time to reclaim your life

It’s time to reclaim your life Ready to be free from obsessing about food & your body? learn how to work together Are you an emotional Eater? Get instant access to this free mini-training where you’ll learn three little-known reasons why you emotionally eat, binge, or overeat… and what to do instead! Yes, I want..

Build Muscle

Anabolic drugs boost muscle fibre growth, accelerate metabolism, and also promote better absorption of nutrients.


Injectable steroids are a fairly large group of drugs that are introduced into the body through intramuscular injections. They are very popular among athletes and allow them to achieve any goals.


Anabolics in tablets are most often taken by people who do not want to take injections, or who are starting their first course.

You Deserve To Enjoy Your Body & Your Life!

Imagine what your life would look like if you could eliminate the stress, shame, and anxiety around food, eating, and your body. How much time, energy, and mental space would you free up if you could let go of trying to change your body, compulsively controlling your food, and striving to adhere to some unattainable perfect vision of what your body and life ‘should’ look like? You are a smart, powerful woman who has incredible gifts to offer this world and a full life ready to be lived on YOUR terms! All you need to do is learn the tools to help you make lasting peace with your relationship to your body, food, health, and mindset. It’s time to redefine the world’s narrative, reclaim your autonomy, and learn how to trust yourself.
Kate K

Kate K

Sarah is one of the kindest, most genuine, empathetic and supportive people I know. No matter what the subject, whenever I talk with her, I feel a sense of calm and peace wash over me as she has this innate ability to make people feel truly seen, heard and understood. As I’ve been on my own intuitive eating journey, struggling with body image after having two kids and recovering from the Wellness Diet, Sarah has been a source of radiant light in my life, helping me navigate the complicated emotions that have arisen postpartum and prompting me with thoughtful questions and ideas to bring me to a place of body neutrality, acceptance and ultimately self-love. Her gentle approach has been exactly what my heart needed and I can’t recommend working with her enough–your soul will thank you!

Jean A

Jean A

Sarah’s natural ability to tune in, listen, and understand the qualities of intuition is truly a gift. She is masterful not only in translating the subtitles for herself, but also has an incredible way of gently, but profoundly, guiding others into their own intuitive abilities. She is a true teacher at heart and offers pure and focused presence. Her innate understanding, and fierce dedication to uplift others makes her an incredible resource for anyone seeking access to a deeper understanding and connection to Self.

Mindela M

Mindela M

Sarah literally changed my life when she introduced me to intuitive eating and the reality of diet culture and its impact on my life. What followed was a true awakening, a loving, compassionate reconnection to my body, and the invaluable benefit of Sarah’s support, perspective and encouragement. Sarah has a way of ‘hearing beyond what I say’ — often acknowledging something I’ve said in such a way that I feel like she really gets me. She asks great questions that bring me into connection with my own wisdom, which is such a gift. She has brought new knowledge to me, for sure, but has also turned up the spotlight on my own knowing, and I feel that helps me more fully integrate the new things into my life. I am so grateful for Sarah Newman and highly recommend her.

Effective Bodybuilding Instructions

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