• Intuitive Eating for Every Day Book

    The Best Non-Diet & Intuitive Eating Books

    Ready to heal your relationship with food and rebuild your body image? This roundup of non-diet and Intuitive Eating books will support you in learning how to find food freedom and body acceptance. So you’ve heard of terms like Intuitive Eating, Non-Diet or Anti-Diet, Diet Culture, and Health at Every Size, and your interest is […]

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  • Brunette in a grey top sitting at a kitchen table, looking off to the side with a white mugk

    What is Intuitive Eating? The 10 Principles

    What is Intuitive Eating? This self-care eating framework will normalize and heal your relationship with food and your body. Get an overview of the 10 principles here, plus 10 action steps you can take today to start practicing! Have you heard of Intuitive Eating and wondered what the heck it is? In this post, I’m […]

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  • A variety of colored donuts with arms and hands in different skin tones reaching for them.

    7 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work ( & What to Do Instead!)

    Have you tried dieting again and again without long-term success? Here’s the truth: research shows that diets don’t work, and in fact, can often cause more harm to our physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Here are seven reasons why diets don’t work, and what we need to do instead to create lasting health and true […]

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