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What would it feel like
to have a peaceful relationship
with food + your body?

It’s time to break free from food and body obsession, start healing and nourishing your relationship with YOU, and cultivate the parts of your life that truly matter!

Does This Sound Like YOU?

if you answered 'yes' to any of the above, i can help!

"Sarah literally changed my life!"

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Sarah literally changed my life when she introduced me to intuitive eating and the reality of diet culture and its impact on my life.  What followed was a true awakening, a loving, compassionate reconnection to my body, and the invaluable benefit of Sarah’s support, perspective and encouragement.  Sarah has a way of ‘hearing beyond what I say’—often acknowledging something I’ve said in such a way that I feel like she really gets me.  She asks great questions that bring me into connection with my own wisdom, which is such a gift.  She has brought new knowledge to me, for sure, but has also turned up the spotlight on my own knowing, and I feel that helps me more fully integrate the new things into my life.  I am so grateful for Sarah and highly recommend her.

- Mindela M.

How Does It Work?

1. Book a Free 1:1 Call

It’s important to me that we are a great fit as client and coach! Before you book your coaching package, we need to meet and get to know each other. Think of it like a first date. 😉 I want to get to know you and ensure you’re someone I know I can help. We’ll both have the opportunity to ask questions to be sure we’re on the same page. 

2. Submit Your Intake Form

Once you book your call, fill out my intake form a minimum of 24 hours before our call. This helps me prep for the call and learn about your needs and goals. After the call, if we’re a great fit and both feel a “HELL YES!” about working together, then we’ll book our first official coaching session! If not, I’ll do my best to guide you to other resources or referrals who can support your needs.

3. Commit to the Process

Unlearning old patterns and cultivating new skills is not something you can learn and change in a day. This is a life-changing process and you need to be committed to showing up for yourself! By meeting regularly, we’ll have the space to get to the root of your concerns and support both your short-term and long-term wellness goals.

The problem isn't your body. it's what you've been made to think about your body.

Imagine what's possible for you

What if I told you there was a better way?

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By working together, You'll learn how to:

Ultimately your relationship with food and your body will stop being all-consuming & will take its rightful place as just one balanced aspect of your life—because you've got a hell of a lot more to offer in this world when you let your light shine.

"Sarah helped me find acceptance and self-love."

Sarah is one of the kindest, most genuine, empathetic and supportive people I know. No matter what the subject, whenever I talk with her, I feel a sense of calm and peace wash over me as she has this innate ability to make people feel truly seen, heard and understood. As I’ve been on my own intuitive eating journey, struggling with body image after having two kids and recovering from the Wellness Diet, Sarah has been a source of radiant light in my life, helping me navigate the complicated emotions that have arisen postpartum and prompting me with thoughtful questions and ideas to bring me to a place of body neutrality, acceptance and ultimately self-love. Her gentle approach has been exactly what my heart needed and I can’t recommend working with her enough–your soul will thank you!

- Kate k.

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This is NOT For You If:

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My Coaching Approach

I wholeheartedly believe iN:

What To Expect During Our Time Together

I care about YOUR unique story. You’ll have an opportunity to tell me everything that has shaped your current relationship with food and your body and we’ll explore the roots of your food and body image concerns so we can determine the best path to start our work together and begin true healing!

We’ll dive into exploring how the diet mentality is showing up for you in subtle ways, and how to shift your mindset from one of deprivation to one of self-care and permission.

In our coaching sessions, I’ll challenge you to let go of the harmful beliefs you hold about food and your body, and help you replace them with compassionate self-talk and behaviors that promote true holistic well-being—which includes your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as your relationship WITH food–not just WHAT you eat. We’ll use the 10 Intuitive Principles as a framework and foundation.

I’ll provide one-on-one support as you go through this process, and offer tools and resources to help you implement our work between sessions.

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all coaching packages include

This Support Structure + Extra Resources

Initial starter session

(This happens AFTER our free discovery call.) During this 75 minute session you’ll share your story. We’ll discuss your vision and goals. I’ll review your health and dieting history, relationship with food, eating patterns and other lifestyle factors to ensure my support is tailed to your needs.

(Bi)Weekly follow-ups

Follow up sessions are 45 – 60 minutes and designed to continue working on your intuitive eating skills, move through what’s keeping you stuck, and develop a robust toolbox of strategies and resources to help you on your path. Depending on your needs and schedule, calls can be either weekly or biweekly.

handouts & Resources

I’ll provide you with resources in between sessions so you can continue your growth and healing. Depending on your needs and goals, this may include worksheets, educational handouts, workbooks, journal prompts and/or audio practices.

In Between Support

The benefit of working together for an extended time period is developing a supportive and trusting relationship. In between sessions, I’ll be available via email and/or voice messaging on the Voxer app for any urgent questions or concerns that come up, or for celebrations you want to share!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is 100% virtual. We meet online with video from your phone or computer using Zoom.

I offer coaching packages of several sessions bundled together instead of one-off sessions, because change doesn’t happen overnight. This is a process that requires commitment and time for us to get to the root of your concerns, build towards your goals, and strengthen your skills as an intuitive eater. This structure is the most supportive for your long-term progress and sustainable success!

Every body is different. Some people gain weight with Intuitive Eating, some people lose weight, and some people’s weight stays the same–but the majority of the time, your weight will stabilize at its natural balanced set point.

It’s completely understandable that you want to lose weight when we live in a weight-centric culture that prioritizes and idolizes thin bodies. However, we must take weight loss off the table in order to reclaim our intuitive eater and heal our body image, otherwise it will sabotage the process and create a wedge between your inner wisdom and eating choices. I know this sounds scary to give up focusing on weight loss, but that’s exactly why it’s important to do this work with professional support so we can work through these fears.

Intuitive Eating and body respect are about cultivating a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body, and dieting (a.k.a. the pursuit of intentional weight loss) is proven to cause harm (learn how here)—so, as a professional with your highest interests in mind, I can’t encourage intentional weight loss and be in integrity.

I believe in body autonomy and if you want to actively pursue weight loss, that is your choice—but I’m not the coach for you. I will, however, help you get to the roots of these desires and learn how to have unconditional acceptance for your body at any size, so you can enjoy your life and stop unnecessary suffering.

Nope. If you have a terminal or chronic illness or otherwise require special medical attention, I’m probably not your gal (but please enjoy all my free resources to help you on your journey!). I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, have a B.A. in Psychology, have worked in the wellness industry for 6 six years, and have done a variety of other coaching certifications and personal development trainings.

There is no charge for our initial 30 minute discovery session. Once you sign up for a coaching package, you have 6 months to use your sessions. There are no refunds.

"Sarah profoundly guides others into their intuitive abilities."

Pale white woman with dark hair and eyes

Sarah’s natural ability to tune in, listen, and understand the qualities of intuition is truly a gift. She is masterful not only in translating the subtitles for herself, but also has an incredible way of gently, but profoundly, guiding others into their own intuitive abilities. She is a true teacher at heart and offers pure and focused presence. Her innate understanding, and fierce dedication to uplift others makes her an incredible resource for anyone seeking access to a deeper understanding and connection to Self.

- Jean A.

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